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299 E 52nd St, New York, NY 10022


40.756011182907, -73.967312949076




8:30 A.M-7:30 P.M


8:30 A.M-7:30 P.M


8:30 A.M-7:30 P.M


8:30 A.M-7:30 P.M


8:30 A.M-7:30 P.M






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Choose a premium barber shop for an amazing experience

Perhaps, you plan to sport a beard and appear trendy. But growing a beard requires much more than trimming. You need to take good care of it and also ensure that you visit the best barbershop in town to have a great experience. When service is concerned, what do you expect from the barbershop? If you are eager to have that dynamic look, then you cannot just visit any ordinary barber shop!

Professional staff

The barber you plan to visit should be a complete professional and know how to provide services to his clients. He should also be someone who should understand your specific requirements. Accordingly, he should develop a custom style based on your needs. It should be something that needs to make your image and appearance a vital thing. Also, you are to have knowledge of popular contemporary cuts and styles to ensure deriving the best effects. Rather the barber selected needs to be updated on the latest styles as well as interpret perfectly those styles. To derive the most appropriate haircut or beard, you should consider visiting only a premium barbershop.

Offer valuable advice

The barber should be aware of the important tools required to be used in the trade. He should provide suggestions as to which particular styles will suit your face. It should be something that needs to enhance your look and elegance. You can get ample advice on what exactly will fit your face or perhaps coloring. You also get the opportunity to discuss with the professional to find out if the perceived style is perfect on you or not. A well-trained professional is sure to provide advice something that is sure to help you stand out of the crowd. This is definitely a vital attribute.

Relaxing environment

The shop you plan to visit to have your hair cut or groom your beard should offer a highly relaxing environment. This is what is expected from a premium barbershop. It allows you to relax your mind and wind up while the barber works his way to style you as per your desires. You should feel quite confident in his work and not bother about things going awry. Also, the place needs to be a real haven for a man allowing you to forget your busy life. Moreover, you need to leave the place confident in your image as well as to ready to face the world boldly.

Other essential services

A real shave is something that is vital for every man. If you sport a beard, then it should be groomed properly and in the right style. You may require a whole package at times. It is a luxury something every person can afford.

Convenient location

What is good about premium barber shops is that they have branches at multiple locations across NYC. This means you can visit any of them that are close to your place and enjoy availing star services. You don’t have to compromise on the quality aspect. Also, the shop’s open hours need to fit precisely your schedule. To derive quality premium barbershop NYC experience, you may visit any of the below listed places.

  1. 299, East 52nd St., NY (between 1st & 2nd Ave)
  2. 622, 3rd Ave. (Lobby), NY (40th st. between 3rd Ave and Lexington)
  3. 158E, 39th St., NY (between 3rd Ave and Lexington)
  4. 302E, 52th St. NY (between 1st and 2nd Ave.)
  5. 1012, 2nd Ave. NY (between 53rd and 54th St.)
  6. 969, 3rd Ave. NY (between 57th and 58th St.)


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