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Angus Barn is one of the best steakhouse restaurants in the Raleigh. Angus barn in Raleigh carefully manages everything. They have a high-class dinning. They facilitate their customers for large events as well. Their menu comes with a wide variety of foods.

Angus barn try’s their best to deliver us fresh and healthy foods. They are the supporters of NC agriculture. Most of the ingredients are grown in North Carolina. Other suppliers are also chosen to keep the highest standards for every dish.

This steakhouse has a pavilion and bay 7. They have wild turkey lounge, a meat locker and a humidor to facilitate every type of customer. You can eat your meal comfortably in your favorite environment. You can also reserve Angus barn for large events like weddings and parties.

So, Angus barn in Raleigh has a lot to offer for your contentment. Let’s look at its menu, lounges and pavilion in detail.


Angus barn serves around 20000 steaks every month. You will find a large variety of different dishes in one place. You can also choose salads and soups for every dinner. Let’s check out its menu to get a better understanding.

  • Appetizers

You can get BBQ ribs, soups, cheese, shrimps and oysters as an appetizer.

  • Aged Beef

Angus barn in Raleigh is known for this dish. Over 42 Oz of aged bone. It can be served by 2 people. It comes with a combination of salads, potatoes and white rice.

  • Sea Food

Their sea food category has a large variety of items. You can eat lobster tail, shrimps, salmon and tuna fish.

  • Combinations

In this category you can eat pork ribs, shrimps, lobsters and much more.

  • Specialties

Every restaurant is known for their specialties. Angus barn is known for cheese and squash ravioli, BBQ pork ribs and grilled chicken.

  • Side Dishes

At this restaurant, side dishes are offered with every meal. Their side dishes have different kind of potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, white rice, salads and many more.

  • Desserts

They have a wide variety of desserts for their customers. Their dessert ranges from cakes and ice creams to cobblers and pies.

  • Children’s

Angus barn in Raleigh has specially designed a separate category for children. They deliver burgers, hot dogs, steak bites, homemade cheese and much more.

  • Beverages

How can Angus barn forget this category in menu? Almost every customer likes to choose a beverage from the menu. They offer iced and hot tea, coffee, soft drinks, Red bull and much more in this category.


Angus barn in Raleigh also provides a facility for large events. You can choose this amazing place for weddings and parties. Angus barn has specially designed Pavilion and Bay 7 to facilitate their customers.

Its pavilion can accommodate 100-400 people. This can be ideal for a wedding, parties, meeting or any event. It is completely decorated with tables, chairs, an audio video facility, stage and dining service.

Bay 7 has an accommodation facility of 70-400 people. It has around 10000 square feet of area. It has brick walls, hardwood floors and steel girders. They have award-winning hospitality. Their iron chefs are famous across America. This place is also perfect for your parties, meetings and weddings.

Location and Reservation

Angus barn is situated at lakeside pavilion 9401 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27617.

Their seating for the outdoor patio, wild turkey lounge and meat locker are on a first come first serve basis.

For private dining, pavilion and bay 7, you can call 919-987-1264 for booking and details.



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